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  • S3E7
  • 16:07
  • December 1st 2020

Part 1


When thinking about going into business initially you may have decided on What you wanted to do and maybe how you are going to do it but what often gets overlooked is Why. Why do you want to start a business? Why do you want to serve these particular clients? Why do you want to hire these types of people for your workforce? Why Why Why. I could come up with hundreds of why questions and it would not diminish the impact of these three letters W*H*Y.  

Your WHY is the heart of your company (or the company that you want to start), what you stand for, and ultimately it will determine your success. Your WHY provides meaning for What you do because it defines WHY you do it. Your WHY is a fundamental belief that inspires vision and drives actions. Your WHY has an impact on everything you do in your business. It is bigger than the products that you sell, the services you provide, and drives the profits that you reap. It gives meaning and value to your business. 

  Key Concepts:

  • Your WHY is the fuel that keeps you and your company going
  • Many people and companies know what they do. People and companies know how they want to do what they do. The key to sustained growth is knowing WHY you do it.
  • You set yourself and your brand apart by being able to communicate your WHY.
  • Internal Clarity vs external clarity

Key Questions:

  • Why Start with WHY?
  • I have no strong concept of why I started this business. I was good at it, and I enjoy it but beyond that I really don’t have a WHY? How does this show help me?
  • I have a WHY but I think there may be something deeper just underneath the surface. How do I move a (lower case) why to a (upper case) WHY?

What do you need to do?

1. Identify your unique WHY

What interests do you have?

What is the one thing that you really love to do?

What are your natural talents?

What are your strengths?

When do you feel you get the greatest sense of value?

What gets you excited?

2. Develop You WHY Statement

Your WHY statement serves to encapsulate your purpose and your mission in one brief, all-inclusive sentence. A successful WHY statement should be simple, clear, actionable, and focused on how you contribute to others. Examples

“To engage and inspire people, so that people are motivated to do something creative every day.”

 “We create online courses to provide everything you need to know to grow a business and become a more confident professional” 

“We create financial and time freedom for our members through providing a community and learning platform focused on multifamily apartment investing”

3. Clarify Your WHY

Clarity is not a destination but with each step you take your path gets a little clearer.

List of Acronyms to help you clarify your WHY.  

WHY – Acronyms

 What’s Holding You?

 What Hungers You?

 What Harnesses You?

 Who Helps You?

 What Honors You?

 What Humbles You?

4. Unleash Your Unique WHY on the World

This becomes the basis for your internal and external communication. This message is included on your website, your email signature, social media posts, you want to world to know what you are all about.  

Next Episode: The power of Gratitude in Business

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Written by James W. Bryant (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbryant2/)

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Better You 4U - An Entrepreneur's Journey

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